Brighter Future crafts a customized learning plan for each tutoring student. This allows us to target the weak areas in a student's foundation and efficiently cover concepts that are not as challenging.


M2 Math
Alg2 / Trig


Paragraph Writing
Essay Writing
Writing Concepts

Writing Tutoring (2G-8G)

There, they're, their...

How are they different, when do we use them, and what exactly do they mean??

Your child may not be sure how to explain the differences, but our instructors do! Our staff will provide extensive individualized attention to make sure writing isn't something your child is scared to do!


For students who will be in 5G-8G after summer, Brighter Future offers tutoring to help preview concepts in the upcoming grade. Students receive personalized instruction from instructors to ensure a mastery of the concepts being taught.

Give your child a great start to the school year!

Outdoor Activities

The Math Squared program is designed for elementary school students. Using a tried and tested system of critical thinking, logic, and problem solving, students will gain confidence to tackle common core style questions they will encounter in the future.

Is your child ready?

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