AM Camp

With about two months of summer break, don’t let your kids lose their chance of getting ahead on school. Brighter Future’s goal has always been to continue education while having fun. With week-long projects and activities as well as the guidance of our experienced staff, your children will for sure enjoy every single minute they spend at Brighter Future!

Reading Comprehension

How does your child answer when you ask them to tell you about what they just read?

Are they able to give you details? Can they draw conclusions from the text?

Brighter Future's Reading Comprehension teaches vital analytical skills your child will be using all their life! Reading doesn't have to be a challenge, let us help your child discover just how fun it can be!


Technology is rapidly reducing our ability to write.

From autocorrect in our phones to predicative text in emails, we are growing too dependent on these aids.

Writing is not just about putting words down on paper, it is how we organize our thoughts. This is a key area of education that is often overlooked. At Brighter Future, we will help your child learn not to fear writing!


The focus of math has shifted from simply getting the answer to how you arrive at the solution.

We want our students to understand that there are different ways to solve a question; everyone learns differently.

This is why we offer students a customized learning plan that is tailored to fit their needs. Our instructors will work with your child every step of the way from inception to conclusion.

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9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Cupertino Campus

1072 S. De Anza Blvd.
Suite A101
San Jose, CA 95129


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