Brighter Future 
Learning Center 

Writing Club
From beginning Phonics to High School essay writing, our teachers lead fun and engaging discussions and provide each student with one-on-one feedback.
Math Club
Math Squared
Brighter Future teachers set our programs apart through their passion for teaching.

Our teachers provide students with the knowledge and confidence to tackle even the most complex grammar or math concepts while sparking each child’s interest and creativity. Our teachers are passionate about their respective subjects, and their passion helps inspire young students to dive into learning with enthusiasm.
We specialize in preparing 5th through 9th grade students for advanced placement classes. Let us help your child meet their full potential.
An advanced math tutoring system created to engage children in the exciting world of math. Students first reach, then exceed their math goals.
Tutoring Club
Small-group math tutoring with customized learning plans for each student. Students learn study skills, preview upcoming chapters, and review for tests/quizzes. 
Homework Club
Summer 2017
An after-school program with the perfect mix of math, writing, and homework help. Students attend 3-5 days a week for individualized learning.
Math and Writing classes of the same academic rigor as our school-year courses, with the addition of fun and engaging programs such as coding/engineering  and outdoor sports. 
Quality education will benefit your child for the rest of his or her life.